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"Well fed!" These words are true for those who had the opportunity to attend the 2004 Middle Eastern Congress of Biblical Christianity in Beirut , Lebanon . The attendants enjoyed the wonderful Lebanese cuisine constantly throughout the course of the congress. Olives, humus, tabouli, and pita bread are just a few items representative of the multitude of different foods that tantalized our taste buds at each meal. Not only was the food delicious to our tongues, it was also nourishment for our bodies. The food fueled our bodies for the day's activities.

"Well fed!" can also be said of our souls during the congress. The twelve preaching sessions were occasions of "faring sumptuously" on the Word. God's men did a powerful job of "feeding" us spiritually. The messages served as spiritual nourishment, and were delivered in a most tasteful way.

Congress host Dr. Edgard Traboulsi's comments regarding the congress are summarized below:

The congress began Monday evening and ran through Thursday evening. There were eleven meetings and one split session where the ladies were with Mrs. Beneth Jones and the men were with Dr. Bob Jones III.

The total number of registered attendees for the conference was 259, although the number would increase slightly to include attendees who did not register.  

The conferees represented 25 churches in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt .  (Some Iraqis and Armenians who are residents of Lebanon were present as well).  It was encouraging to all of us at the church and seminary to have the presence and backing of the leaders and members of sound churches in the area. 

We had 42 students of our seminary attending most of the meetings.  The faculty and staff of Lebanon Baptist Seminary and 45 members of Lebanon Baptist Church worked diligently in order to make the conference a great success. The people worked tirelessly to provide management, finances, music, interpretation, food, reception, cleaning, security, driving, etc., for the congress.

Most memorable was the high spirit of worship, learning, and fellowship which existed in all the meetings.  The choir of the First Baptist Church under the leadership of Dr. Richard Sadaka and the splendid solo singing of Dr. Sadaka and Dr. Todd Vanaman enriched our worship.

The 12 preachers did a fantastic job in communicating God's Word to the saints.  At our last meeting, Dr. Bob Jones III spoke about our Lord's Second Return and gave a call to the saints to rededicate themselves and to the unsaved to come to Christ.  Scores of people responded positively.  We believe that the name of our Lord was glorified in that special meeting and all during that week.  We also believe that the influence and blessings of this conference will continue to be felt for years to come.

Planning has begun for the congress to be held at Primera Iglesia Bautista de Levittown (First Baptist Church of Levittown) in Levittown, Puerto Rico, April 4-7, 2005 . Looking back at the most recent blessings of the Middle Eastern Congress gives us reason to look forward with great anticipation to what God will do at the upcoming congress in Puerto Rico.

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