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The church today is contending against an enemy-one cloaked in the guise of truth and relevance. Ecumenical alliances sound the siren song of unity, which in itself is desirable and biblical but frequently sacrifices biblical fidelity to reach that end. The emotionalism so prevalent in modern churches produces much heat but all too often neglects the light of God's Word. The secular world, with its seductive refrain of "tolerance" presents itself as compatible with biblical Christianity. The resurgence of Neo-Paganism and New Age ideologies promises greater peace and power, yet only echoes the age-old hollow promises Satan made to Eve. Now, more than ever, it is time to proclaim the profound differences between the counterfeits and the eternal truth of God's Word. This is what the International Testimony to an Infallible Bible (or "ITIB") is all about.

The ITIB started a number of years ago when several men were having dinner together while attending Bible Conference at Bob Jones University. In the course of the conversation, someone mentioned how timely it would be to have a congress which Fundamentalists from around the world could attend to receive inspiration, instruction, encouragement, and fellowship. A committee was formed, and in June of 1976 the World Congress of Fundamentalists was held in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was intended to be a one-time affair; however, those who attended were so encouraged and blessed they requested that another such meeting be held.

Since that date over sixteen congresses (whether global or regional in scope) have been sponsored by the ITIB. The global or World Congresses are held about every ten years, while regional congresses are held every year or two in different locations around the globe.

The ITIB is co-chaired by Dr. Ian Paisley (member of the European Parliament; Pastor of Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church, Belfast, Northern Ireland) and Dr. Bob Jones III (Chancellor of Bob Jones University, Greenville, South Carolina, USA). The ITIB Committee is comprised of both ministers and laymen who meet occasionally to help guide the direction of the ITIB. Encouraging fidelity to the Bible is their overriding concern for the ITIB.

It is amazing how far error, posing as truth, has advanced, taking control of so many churches and Christian institutions throughout the world. It is our prayer that the truth of biblical separation from all error, when understood and practiced by the pastors around the world, will reveal the dark and dangerous situation in which the church finds itself today.

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