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A number of years ago several men were having dinner together while attending Bible Conference at Bob Jones University. In the course of the conversation, someone mentioned how timely it would be to have a congress that Fundamental Christians from around the world could attend to receive inspiration, instruction, encouragement, and fellowship. A committee was formed, and in June of 1976 the World Congress of Fundamentalism was held in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was intended to be a one-time affair; however, those who attended were so encouraged and blessed, they requested that another such meeting be held. The International Committee for the Propagation and Defense of Biblical Fundamentalism was formed for that purpose. You will note from the front of the brochure that the name of the committee was changed to the International Testimony to an Infallible Bible (ITIB). Many of the committee members felt that the former title was awkward and difficult to remember accurately.

Dr. Bob Jones, the late chancellor of Bob Jones University, was the chairman of the ITIB until 1990, when the committee passed the leadership to Dr. Bob Jones III, then president and now chancellor of Bob Jones University. The committee had also decided to hold regional conferences which, along with the World Congresses, are listed below.

World Congresses

1976 – Scotland
1980 – Far East
1983 – U.S.A.
1986 – U.S.A.
1990 – England
1999 – U.S.A.

Regional Congresses

1991 – West Africa
1991 – Philippines
1991 – Korea
1993 – Romania
1993 – Puerto Rico
1995 – Brazil
1996 – Germany
1998 – Bolivia
1998 – Chile
2000 – Australia
2001 – Puerto Rico
2002 – Switzerland
2003 – Brazil
2004 – Lebanon
2005 – Puerto Rico
2006 – Argentina
2006 – Brazil
2010 – Puerto Rico

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