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Caribbean Congress of Fundamentalists

Sandy beaches, aqua blue water, tropical flowers, and needy souls. Although the last item in this list seems incongruent with the rest, it is a sobering reality in the Caribbean. While numbers of people live and vacation in that area because of its beautiful environment, many pastors and missionaries go to that beautiful environment because of the needy souls.

The purpose of the recent Caribbean Congress of Christian Fundamentalism was to educate and encourage the men who so faithfully minister in that part of the world. While the majority of those in attendance were from Puerto Rico or nearby Caribbean islands, there were others from Spanish-speaking ministries as far away as Spain, Canada, Costa Rica, and the Western United States. Congress host Dr. Mike Casillas served all in attendance by opening up the campus of the Puerto Rico Baptist College for our sessions during the day, and Dr. Hernán Cortéz welcomed us at the First Baptist Church of Levittown for the evening sessions.

Seventeen different speakers spoke on subjects ranging from evangelism to finances.

The faculty, staff, and students of Puerto Rico Baptist College worked tirelessly for many weeks prior to the congress to ensure that the finances, facilities, music, interpretation, food, cleaning, shuttling, and overall administration were handled well. Their sweet-spirited labor was greatly appreciated and allowed the congress to run smoothly and successfully. We cannot adequately express to those who worked so diligently our full appreciation and gratitude.

Please continue to pray for the ministry of these congresses as well as your part in financial support. Currently slated for 2006 are three separate congresses—the first will be held in Brazil (February 13-16), the second in Argentina (May 8-11), and the third in Switzerland (July 3-6). Because of the great success and eternal impact of past congresses, we look forward with eager anticipation to what God will do at these upcoming meetings.

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