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Dear Friend:

The Amazon River, which flows through the country of Brazil, is 90 miles wide at its mouth and contains more water than the Nile, Yangtze, and Mississippi rivers combined. Its currents can even be detected 200 miles out into the Atlantic. Ancient mariners of the South Atlantic, adrift in this current without water, would be given the advice by passing ships to “Lower your buckets, you’re in the mouth of the mighty Amazon.”

In a similar way, we found our God to be such a soul-quenching river of life at the Brazilian Congress of Fundamental Bible-Believing Christians held May 19-22, 2003. Throughout the days of preaching and fellowship, we found Him always there and never failing to meet our needs and refresh our thirsty souls.

In spite of the language barrier that prevented so many of us from communicating with each other, the fellowship of the brethren there was pleasant. The common bond we shared in our Savior was obvious, in spite of the differences in language.

Pastor Sèrgio de Moura was an unspeakably gracious host, and Pastor Milton Nunes's help as moderator was invaluable. The work of these men and many others made the congress successful.

Even now plans are progressing for the next Congress of Fundamentalists, which is to be held in Beirut, Lebanon,
May 24-27, 2004. We pray for a powerful sense of God’s presence in this unstable part of the world.

Sincerely yours,
Bob Jones III

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