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Brazilian and Argentine Congresses

Whew!  What a year it has been with two regional congresses held back to back in Brazil and Argentina.  (The congress scheduled for July in Switzerland had to be cancelled because of the poor health of the congress host.)  These recent months have been a whirlwind of activity.  It is a joy to witness the Lord working all over South America.

Porto Alegre, Brazil
“Narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”  This truth from Matthew 7:14 was strikingly obvious in Porto Alegre, Brazil, February 13–16.  The Brazilian Congress of Fundamental Bible-Believing Christians met in Porto Alegre during the same dates as the World Council of Churches’ international meeting.  While millions of dollars were spent and thousands of delegates from all over the world gathered to promote ecumenism, a much smaller band of men faithful to the eternal truth of God’s Word gathered to lift up a testimony to an infallible Bible.

Dr. Roger Crowder and his wonderful team of helpers put together a congress that was well-organized, efficiently run, and eternally profitable.  Pastors, missionaries, and Christian workers from all over Brazil gathered to have several days of spiritual encouragement and “tool sharpening.”  The international and national speakers spoke with both biblical precision and evangelistic passion, and over 200 registered guests and other congress attendees found the services to be warming to the heart and strengthening to the mind.

Mar del Plata, Argentina
Argentina is one of the largest beef-producing countries in the world, and those of us who attended the congress in Mar del Plata enjoyed some of the finest beef of our lives—thick, juicy, red meat.  Delicious, high quality red meat is part of the regular diet of most Argentines. Congress attendees also enjoyed another kind of meat—the meat of God’s Word.  Our souls were fed spiritually by the men that God brought to share His Word with us.

Brother Don Harris, along with several other Argentine missionaries, organized the congress around the theme of “Purposing to be Faithful.”  Brother Harris has modeled that kind of faithfulness through his many years of ministry there in Mar del Plata and was a great blessing to many others of the work the Lord can use us to do.  Many pastors, missionaries, Christian workers, and Christian laypeople from the region and thousands of miles beyond convened in Mar del Plata for the regional congress held on May 8–11.

These regional congresses have proven to be invaluable and well worth the time, money, and energy that is put into them.  Our goal is always to go and strengthen the arms of those who are faithfully serving the Lord as well as to educate those who may be “drifting from the fundamentals.”  These congresses certainly served to fulfill those purposes.

Also, we are pleased to announce that in April of 2008 we plan to have a regional congress in the midwest area of Brazil, north of Porto Alegre where the Brazilian Congress was held in February of 2006.  We are excited about this possibility, as it will allow groups of good pastors who were unable to attend the previous congress in Brazil to attend one in much closer proximity to their homes.  We’re eager for the opportunity to plan this congress with the help of Brother Rom Ribeiro.

Please continue to pray regarding the ministry of these congresses.  Because of the great success and eternal impact of past congresses, we look forward with eager anticipation to what God will do at future meetings.  May the Lord make His face to shine upon you.

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