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Be Ye Holy
by Fred Moritz

Chapter 1: Holiness — The Foundation of Separation

Chapter 5: The Spirit of the Separatist

Biblical Separation
by The Bob Jones University Bible Faculty

The concept of biblical separation must be emphasized today because of conditions in christendom and the widespread violation of scriptural teaching on this doctrine.


  I. Separation from the World

 II. Separation from False Teachers

III. Separation from Disobedient Brothers


S.B.C. House on the Sand?
by David O. Beale

Appendix I: New Evangelicalism

Appendix II: Fundamentalism

Appendix III: What Fundamentalists Mean by the Term Separation or Holiness

Appendix IV: Liberalism

The Dividing Line: Understanding and Applying Biblical Separation
by Mark Sidwell

Chapter 9: The New Evangelicalism

Chapter 10: The Charismatic Movement

Chapter 11: Roman Catholicism

The Tragedy of Compromise
by Earnest Pickering

Chapter 3: Broadening the Sawdust Trail

Chapter 6: Salad Bar Sanctuaries

Contending for the Faith
by Fred Moritz

Chapter 1: What is Fundamentalism?

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